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Changes between ww6 and mwg7 MIB's

I've been working though some of the SNMP stuff with ww7 recently have found that there are no decent equivlent MIBS in 7 for the recording current activity regarding requests per second and throughput to and from the proxy. Is this something can can be added in, as I prefer to agrigate all of our statistics into a central location (cacti) where we can display it on or network monitoring interface, perform analysis on it, and also use it for providing growth metrics. The dashboard, which does provide this sort of information is just not flexable enough, and is very poor for historical reporting. It also only show 1 platform, where as we are a mixed site with both Bluecoat and Webwasher, and I want to be able to see the info in 1 location.

As an example we use the folloing OID's in 6 and I'd like to see them in 7






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