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Change favicon.ico in case of SSL intercept

I like to change the requested favicon.ico in case SSL interception to a stored icon on the MWG.

I can store an icon on the local fileserver, And I can change the host and path in case of an https request to the local one, but this does not work for me....

Did someone tried to use something simular?



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Re: Change favicon.ico in case of SSL intercept

Here is a solution I found today.... 🙂

1. upload the icon you like to use

          Troubleshooting -> Proxy -> Files  -> Upload

          I used Favicon & App Icon Editor to create such icon.

     you have to upload the icon to all proxies you use.

2.  Be sure you have the file server functionality enabled on all proxies

          Configuration -> Proxy -> File Server

3. Create a Ruleset calles change Favicon.ssl

     (we have it in the common rules section at the beginning of our policy.)

     This ruleset must only be called in the request cycle.

   in GLB_BrowserIcons are the favicon pathes we like to change

We have the following ones:

  This will match only in case of SSL Interception. Otherwise the favicon-path is not available by the policy.

The next Hop Proxy is the proxy itself but redirected to port 9999

This will look like:

In case of IE:

In case of Firefox and Chrome the icon will be shown on the surf tab.

We donot intercept Finance sites - so the normal icons will be shown.

Comments are welcome.


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