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Category Policies in MWG 7


I've tried to set up a url-filter rule set for different category actions. In MWG 6 we have multiple "profiles" and allow or block categories in each profile.

In MWG 7 it is different to set up.

I've set up some rules. First rule allows a user-group to access sites in the category mobile phones. The second rule allows a user-group to access the category webmail.

Then there is the global rule, where all the allowed categories are defined. (Allow URLs in Allowed Categories)

The rules mobile phones and webmail looks like this:

Rule Criteria: Authentication.Attributes contains Motor AND URL.Categories contains Motor Vehicles

Action: Stop Rule Set

But there is the problem. What if the website is for example in category Motor Vehicles and in Category Webmail.

Then the access for all users in Motor Vehicles have access to a website which includes webmail-services. How can I prevent this? Must there be a block category list for each special rule?



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Re: Category Policies in MWG 7

Using your logic, you could block the web mail if they are not in the webmail group before you allow motor vehicles:

Allow WebMail
1: Authentication.Attributes does not contain "Webmail"
2: AND URL.Categories<Default> contains Web Mail
Block<URL Blocked>
Allow Motor Vehicles
1: Authentication.Attributes contains "Motor"
2: AND URL.Categories<Default> contains Motor Vehicles
Stop Rule Set

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