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Capturing FTP user details in MWG


Has anyone encountered below problem in your environment?

I am trying to capture "Username" who is trying to use dropbox, google docs etc in my environment from their Linux systems.

Windows systems are using Kerberos authentication. So, Usernames are already captured in the McAfee logs.

Is there a feature on MWG which will let us acheive this?

There is no sufficient documentation on this either in McAfee forums or by googling


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McAfee Employee

Re: Capturing FTP user details in MWG

Hi John,

I'm confused by the title and the question.

What does dropbox or google docs have to do with FTP?

Are you asking how to capture the dropbox/google docs username? If so, thats not something that's documented... is there a purpose/background why you want something like this?

Or are you asking how to capture the authenticated username when they access a dropbox/google docs URL, if so this should already be logged as you found.

Best Regards,


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Re: Capturing FTP user details in MWG

Sorry Jon for not being clear.

Kerberos with NTLM fallback has been implemented for Windows and it works fine capturing the usernames while browsing internet. I am trying to do the samething for Linux/Mac OSs so that usersnames are captured in the logs. NTLM doesn't seem to be working

Trying to see what is the best way to authenticate users for Linux/MAC OS users for a limited time??  (Windows is already resolved)

Something like using a cookie. Sessions would be vaild for 3 hrs and then the users need to re-authenticate.

Any suggestion??



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