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Cannot Load AV Engine (v6.9.6)

We're in the process of migration to v7, but in the meantime need to keep the v6 gateways running. Lately, we've been plagued by the user notification "Cannot Load AV Engine" on one server. Here's an example of the message that users receive:


The frequency of occurrence varys. Sometimes it happens a couple of times a week, then it will be a few weeks before it happens again. The emergency remedy has been to manually stop the webwasher-csm service, remove all files and directories under /opt/webwasher-csm/conf/antivirus, start the webwasher-csm service, login to the GUI, and manually perform an AV update.

Has anyone encountered this? I've already opened a service case but am hoping that someone else has some experience with this (and has solved it).


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