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CAC authentication

Hi I'm new to the community, anyway my question is has anyone been able to CAC enabled 7.x aplliance, I've search the site and community maybe i am missing the post but if someone has some information and docummentation on how to enable this function it would be very helpful.



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Re: CAC authentication

I think by default it is enabled.

Do procedures exist to disable DoD CAC Authentication?

Yes. Log a support case with McAfee if you want to disable DoD CAC Authentication

Maybe you are talking about something else, please do mention is it MWG or Email gateway.?

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Re: CAC authentication


essentially the CAC is a x509 client authentication whereas the X509 certificate is stored on a card in this case.

A rule set is available from the online library on This can be used as a template, whereas the user needs to select the card as source for the certificate.



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