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By pass URL list under One String

Dear Experts,

please see attached picture, I've the following bunch of URL's which are set with action 'stop cycle', but with time I am adding additional URL's as and when needed as per business requirement. The list is growing, Instead of having the complete list appear as in picture, I am looking for a way like I create a container like we have OU's in active directory and then I add all these URL's to that container and in policies I only point to that container saying if matches in "by_URL_List" take action 'stop cycle'



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Re: By pass URL list under One String

Create a wildcard list called HP Virtual Room Exception (or whatever you want to call it).

Populate that list with the URL host entries you show in your image.

Modify the displayed rule to be URL.Host matches in list HP Virtual Room Exception.

You might also want to consider using URL.Host.BelongsToDomains(HP Virtual Room Exception) -- that would enable you to permit all of and its subdomains with a single entry of "" -- for example, your current list in the picture shows 3 domains that would be trumped by the * entry so if you really want to bypass SSL for all of, it would be simpler to do it via BelongsToDomains. There are some good McAfee documents that explain how URL.Host.BelongsToDomains works in the Documents section of the forum.

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Re: By pass URL list under One String


is referring to this doc:

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