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Business Case for McAfee

I have to make a business case for MCafee Content Security Suite (CSS): which includes

1. WSG

2. Email

3. Network DLP

4. Device lock

My management is interetsed in buying this solution but not interetsted in buying Appliances, reason being low budget amount.

SO can we go for a solution with Mcafee that we get Software based solutions for McAfee CSS.

Now IF we get these software base solutions from Mcafee (all *.iso images)

what hardware specs do i need for that (failover , HA mode)

I hope i have described my situation clearly.

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Re: Business Case for McAfee

McAfee Web Gateway can be used on a VMware environment, but no other brand of virtualization is supported.

However, I think that Email gateways and network DLP Prevent must run on seperately purchased McAfee hardware only. Virtualization and customer-supplied hardware is not supported.

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Re: Business Case for McAfee


Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. However, the sales questions should be answered by your McAfee sales parter or representative.

Regarding the software packages, I'm not aware of every McAfee product, but from my experience most are self contained exe files that can be downloaded from our website. You are welcome to burn them to a disk if it's convenient for you.

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