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Blocking content

Hi, I used the version 6.x of Webwasher since several years ago. We are in the process of migrating to version 7.x, so we are novice with the version 7.x

We already have policies that strips Java and ActiveX content from some pages in 6.x.

Is there any way to configure this same policy in version 7.x? We didn't see it in the manuals.

The same for Pup-ups. We were using Pop-up blocker in version 6.x. How can this be configured in version 7.x?

Finally, we are using the Realtime classifier in version 6.x It is supported in version 7.x?

Thanks in advance


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Is it something that I have to ask to support?

I believed that this way will be more useful because I'm talking with colleagues.

We have all the policies migrated to Version 7, but I don't see how to configure what I'm asking above.

Thanks in advance
on 05/06/13 8:07:52 CDT
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