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Blocked Corrupted Media Types (enable opener)

Good afternoon,

We are having problems printing/saving a pdf questionnaire from a specific website. When I did a rule trace, the block error that we received is 'Criteria: Body.IsCorruptedObject equals true; Action =Block<Media Type (Common)>. I was able to trace back the reason for it, its because Webgateway has the Composite Opener settings Block Corrupted media types enabled.  When i disabled that rule, I was able to view/save and print the pdf. Since I do not want to disable the block corrupted media types setting, Is there a workaround for it? Is it possible to create a rule that will bypass the block corrupted media types? I read a thread dated 2011and a suggested solution but I am inexperienced (webgateway user for 2 months) enough to recreate it.

webgateway =V7.8.2.30

Thank you kindly,


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Re: Blocked Corrupted Media Types (enable opener)

Hello delswick,

You could add to this specific rule criteria with this like:

URL.Host does not match in list <new list with the hostname of this website> 

and change the criterialist from OR to AND. In this case just this specifig webpage would not be blocked from the Corrupded Block. First setp would be that you add a wildcard-list and then add the additional criteria.



Re: Blocked Corrupted Media Types (enable opener)


Thank you for your reply. I tried to create a rule base from your suggestion, but I'm afraid my rule criteria's logic failed.  I ended up just adding the hostname to a "whitelist" found in the Common rules section which eventually led to our user able to download the pdf file, save and eventually open. The only thing is the user is not able to "preview" the pdf.

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