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Block or redirect from Yahoo search?


First, a hearty +1 to the gateway antimalware engine, saving a user of ours from being infected by Yahoo's  ad-laden search results today.     Yahoo puts in so many sponsored links, you have to scroll to the real results sometimes.

Second, a hearty -1 to Mozilla Firefox who's made Yahoo a default search engine of late.   Shudder.

In light of Yahoo's special security ineptitude demonstrated this week (1billion with a b accounts compromised?), plus this ad that nearly led to a fake AV scam,   I'd really like to just not have our users search that site any more.  (Sorry if anyone works for Yahoo here, but ... seriously, y'all's baby is really quite... problematic in the looks department.) 

Does anyone perchance have a ruleset  that coaches and nudges folks off to another site and does so in a way that causes the least impact to users and has tolerable few unintended consequences?

Thanks so much for any thoughts, suggestions or shared experience!

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