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Block list of specific extensions


I understand I can block specific extension ".123" using "MediaType.FromFileExtension" contains ".123"

And I also understand that I could use multiple criterias in the same rule to match other extensions (i.e. ".123" or ".456" etc.)

However I'd like to keep all the extensions I want to block in a list, and I'm not able to use operator "at least one in list" for String or Wildcard Expression (Property gets deselected in the "Edit Criteria" window).

Any idea ?

Thanks and best,


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McAfee Employee

Re: Block list of specific extensions


please try "matches in list". This allow you to use wildcards.


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Re: Block list of specific extensions

Hi Sergej,

Thanks for the hint. Had to use URL.FileExtension and not MediaType.FromFileExtension, though.



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