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Best way to migrate from hw to vm


we have an web gateway hardware cluster with 2 nodes. The hardware will go end-of-life this year and we have to move.

What is the best way to migrate my current configuration to a new virt. cluster? Take backup and restore or configure a new cluster and only migrate the policy settings?



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Re: Best way to migrate from hw to vm

My personal approach would be to create the VMs on the same version as your existing cluster, join them to it to get policy and test, then migrate users away until the old hardware is phased out.

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Re: Best way to migrate from hw to vm

I agree with dj_arvest's method. 

However, if I had to choose between the two scenarios you mentioned, I would "configure a new cluster" rather than "backup and restore" simply because it is cleaner.  (I'm not a fan of bringing existing physical hardware settings into a virtual environment.)

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