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Best practice configuration migration guide WW 6.x -> 7.x

I know that we do not have any "automagical" tool capable to migrate WW 6.x backup to version 7.x. But at least a "best practice configuration migration guide" would really help.

For example, and important part in most of our customers is the SSL scanner and the Root CA. The root CA is fast (export private key and certificate), but importing all Trusted Root certificate is a major time consuming activity. For the moment the faster option I found is to locally copy the directory


and to import by hand all *.pem in WW 7.x. This is just a simple example what such a best practice migration guide could contain, but of course other points should be explained.

Thanks Boris

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McAfee Employee

Re: Best practice configuration migration guide WW 6.x -> 7.x

Ciao Boris,

a migration document is being worked on while we speak! It will additionally describe ways to automatically migrate pieces of the mwg 6 configuration over to mwg 7. ETA is this month.



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Re: Best practice configuration migration guide WW 6.x -> 7.x

One of the things the migration tool does NOT migrate is the RootCAs.

There are some challenges in doing so with the internal formats and the "Trust" attribute.

For example, in 6.8 you can have a pool of RootCAs and they can be globally trusted, but each policy can have a different set of trusts that can be applied.

Do you think it's good enough just to import the global CA list without distinguishing between the trust/no trust status for each policy? At least it would save on the manual import of each certificate.

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