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Bandwidth Statistics Charts

Do I need to configure something to see data for Bandwidth Utilization ?

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Re: Bandwidth Statistics Charts


Assuming you are talking about the "Bandwidth Statistics" in the "Charts and Tables"-Section, you would need to configure and use the Bandwidth Control:

Web Gateway: Understanding and Configuring Bandwidth Control




Re: Bandwidth Statistics Charts

I don't want to enforce any throttling yet, can I just enable Bandwidth Control or do I have to add a Class with 0 and 1000 min and max bandwidth as well ?


Re: Bandwidth Statistics Charts


Unfortunately both wont be enough.. As long as no class is being triggered in the policy you wont see any data in the statistics. What you could do is something like:

-Enable Bandwidth Control
-Configure a root class with 0min/1000max
-Create a new rule in top of your rule set as follows:
Criteria: Always
Action: Continue
Events: Bandwidth.ToClient("root"); Bandwidth.ToServer("server")

This way you will apply the root class to have some data but it shouldn't throttle anything

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