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BBC website and Media Type Filtering causing long delays to display site content

Hi All,

A MWG is taking approximately 30-40 seconds to display the following URL (nothing is blocked), when default Media Type Filtering is enabled:

(All other similar content sites etc are displaying quickly as I would expect...)

However disabling MTF causes the site to display normally very quickly..after a  few seconds

I have edited the default MTF rule from always to include URL does not equal as the site appears to pull content from other sub domains, is there a property I can use to check if the content is being called form any sub domain of, thereby removing all MTF scanning from any site that uses?

I have tried disabling just the Download Media Types ruleset...but that has no effect when the MTF ruleset is enabled...the site still takes 30-40 seconds.

Rule Trace central shows sub-sites with .js extensions being held in Enable Opener, which is being called when the MTF is enabled...which I believe is causing the delay...


Assuming there is a property I can use to identify all sub domains or content pulled from sites required to display should I place this within the Enable Opener ruleset for more efficiency?

All help appreciated:-)


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