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Authentication question

We're using NTLM authentication to authenticate users using browsers and logged in to the AD domain.

We would like to authenticate if possible, but continue if not. Then the "Unauthenticated connections" rule provides the filtering rules for unauthenticated connections.

This is what our policy looks like. The "Authenticate" action stops processing if the connection isn't authenticated.


Has anyone successfully implemented "authenticate if possible, continue if not"?


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Re: Authentication question

Hello Mike -

It sounds like the "Try Authentication" rule from the rule set library is exactly what you're looking for.

Within this rule set you can create filtering rules for "Not Authenticated Users" (Authentication.Failed equals true)

To import this rule set:

Policy > Rule Sets > Add...Rule Set From Library > Authentication > Try Authentication

In the "Authenticate" rule remember to switch the auth method to NTLM instead of the default User Database.


Re: Authentication question

Thanks for your reply, Brent, but processing still stops on the "Authenticate" action.


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Re: Authentication question

Hi Mike,

The difference between your ruleset and "try auth" is one main thing, the criteria of the rule in your screenshot.

Is the criteria Authentication.Authenticate<Settings> AND Authentication.Failed equals false? If so, then this indicates that the client isnt attempting to authenticate at all, and therefore we cannot "try auth". The premise of try auth is that we receive something to see if they will be accepted. If we receive nothing, then there is nothing to try.

Otherwise make sure you have the AND in the criteria.



Re: Authentication question

There must be something that I'm not seeing. I can test authentication.failed in either/both the ruleset header and the rule. No change. The answer is still "Proxy request sent, awaiting response... 407 authenticationrequired".



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