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Level 7

Authentication prompt on chrome

Hi All,

I would ask about chrome authentication prompt,

i use MWG 7.3.2 as a explicit.

some of client not join to domain, then their browser will show pop up to authenticate.

finally i found this KB to save credentials :

it works on IE, but not with chrome browser.

still show pop up with chrome.

any idea for chrome setting?


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Level 12

Re: Authentication prompt on chrome

You have to exclude the range of non-domain user to not asking authentication.

That's it. it will work 100% and no matter of browser.

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Level 7

Re: Authentication prompt on chrome

i can not exclude the non domain user.

if they want to connect internet they need an authentication (NTLM) for which group they are mapped to.

if they are HR group, they only connect to URL with criteria Professional networking and job career.

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Level 17

Re: Authentication prompt on chrome


Chrome does not allow storing the credentials for the Proxy Server. There is an extension for Chrome which does this job.

As an alternative you could implement "authentication server" authentication for users who are not part of the domain. This allows MWG to "cache" credentials for a certain amount of time and will reduce the number of popups non-domain users may see.



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