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Authentication Cookies on Non Transparent Proxy

Getting ready to roll out some testing for moving to 7.1.6. In our multi-network scheme we’re thinking cookies could solve a “poor user experience” issue we’re anticipating. We have a network where not all clients will be authenticated to AD but the users will use their AD credentials to authenticate to the proxy. We don’t want to keep asking them for credentials but we don’t want to set the authentication cache TTL way out there because different users may log in to the same machine.

So, is it possible on a non-transparent proxy using NTLM authentication to make use of a cookie to cache credentials? How would one go about setting this up? Is the cookie a session cookie so it expires when the browser closes?

Appreciate any help you can provide!


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Re: Authentication Cookies on Non Transparent Proxy

Hi Erich,

the cookie is a session cookie. Once the browser is closed the cookie will expire, so when restarting the browser you will have to logon again. A sample rule set is part of the rule library that comes with the product. It has user database configured as the authentication backend by default, but should immediately work. You can also change it so use NTLM of course. You can either use the "normal" popup that the browser produces to login, or use a form based authentication.

Please note that you have to allow "third party cookies", otherwise you will see some strange results (embedded objects missing).

I would recommend to load the included rule sets into a test machine and have a look. It should work pretty much out of the box.



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