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Assistance with Blocked Category bypass

Hi Guys,

We have a block list for Categories as most companies would have, within this rule list is media streaming. The Issue I have is that I now need to allow a number of You Tube videos to all users.

So in the URL Filtering Rule we have the -  Block URLs Whose Category is in Category Block List rule

Just above that I have my new rule - Allowed URL YouTube Videos.

The contents being 

Name: Allowed_URL_YouTube_Videos

Comment: Allows access to all to listed YouTube videos

Rule Criteria:
Authentication.UserGroups contains "Internet_StandardAccess" AND
URL matches in list Allowed_URL_YouTube_Videos

Action: Stop Rule Set


So in my head if a user goes to a You Tube video that's listed in my (Allowed_URL_YouTube_videos) list then the rule should fire stopping  the rule set and allowing access to the You Tube video.

The error I get is that the site continues to be blocked by the Block URLS Whose Category is in the Category Block list even though this rule set is further down the chain and should not be being hit.

Any ideas would be really helpful, Thanks

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McAfee Employee

Re: Assistance with Blocked Category bypass

Your questions might be answered by creating a rule engine trace to check the results and why this decision has been taken.

Rule Engine Tracing | McAfee Communities

When you work with youtube it is suggested to use YouTubeAPI and prepared ruleset from library, if you not already use it.


Re: Assistance with Blocked Category bypass

Hi Thanks for the info, Im using the Rule Tracing Engine, that's how I know that its the Categories list that's still blocking the access, ill have a look into the YouTube API though,

Thank you

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Level 12

Re: Assistance with Blocked Category bypass

We user URL.Match + List of URLS to allow specific YT videos only.

After some debuging, these are URLs to allow:

Needed basic YT player components:

** = Youtube - flash player and images

* = YT player cloud config

** = Flash Binary Stream for requested video

Specific video to allow, block others:

**NPyiLkNf_0c* = allow video with ID "NPyiLkNf_0c" ie: htp://

Hope this helps.

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Re: Assistance with Blocked Category bypass


So your URL.Match property, did you add that yourself as that's not listed as an option on my gateway, you you did add it as a string what value did you give it ?

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Re: Assistance with Blocked Category bypass

URL.Match is standard rule criteria during creating new rule.

So steps are easy:

  1. create new List (wildcard expression type)
  2. fill this new list with urls from example above
  3. create new rulle with "Stop rule set" or "Allow" action
    Rule criteria is URL.Host matches in list (the one from step 1)
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Re: Assistance with Blocked Category bypass

Hi lubomir.cerny

Appreciate the help, ok so I have donw what you have suggested above, the problem is that this seems to allow all of You Tube as in any video that I click on will play.

Remove the rule and You Tube is completely locked down.

Any further ideas ?

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Level 9

Re: Assistance with Blocked Category bypass


Blocking, and then allowing specific videos only as you have configured will not work in this case. You can allow specific videos on the YouTube only, based upon the uploader, content and there may be other possibilities. I have restricted based upon on uploader.

First of all the request going to SSL scanner enabled to see what is going inside the tunnel, since the connection to YouTube will be https. Also you need to have YouTube allowed at first place, because any request for video on YouTube, will eventually start with forming connection with YouTube itself. So if you have YouTube blocked it will never get allowed.

Please refer the below link for an example.

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