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Antimalware Size Excpetion

Hi What is the correct way to test / Stop Rule set for to avoid scanning of .

a.) afile larger than 100MB. or

b.) Files that match ISO, IMG etc

We have issues where large files are not trickeled and when scanning is completed they congest proxy to internal client WAN links. (Yes I am aware of the client.throttle rules)


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Re: Antimalware Size Excpetion

Hi, Answered a myself using Header.Response.Get (String)

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Re: Antimalware Size Excpetion

Hi Eric,

I would rely on:

a.) Body.Size (calculated from a Content-Length header coming from a Web Server, if there is no Content-Length header MWG will download the file completely and set the size after it is calculated)

b.) MediaType.FromHeader or MediaType.EnsuredType



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