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Allowing Non-Domain to bypass NTLM Authentication

Hi all,

Currently I have 2 MWG which is deployed in the transparent mode using WCCP. There is a requirement to allow endpoints which does not have NTLM to still make use of the proxy.

I made use of the the rule "Authentication Server(Time/IP based Session) and it is doing well for endpoints with a valid account with the domain. My question is how can I allow those endpoints without NLTM to bypass the authentication portion. Non-Domain users are prompt to key ID and password and on upon cancellcation, the user will be blocked from surfing.

Appreciate that anyone can shed some light regarding this matter.



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Re: Allowing Non-Domain to bypass NTLM Authentication

Hi JM,

It sounds like you're looking for what we call "try auth". There is a discussion and a rule set for this in a transparent setup found here:


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