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Allowing Access to an XML file in a Block Rule

As most Systems Admins know, allowing full access for the Adobe updater to access the Internet can cause major bandwidth issue.

The stop this from happening we have a rule blocks access to the URLs that the updater uses an for users trying to install Adobe products manually.  We only allow admins to do updates.

Here is what we block. *download** and **. 

This work great but some of our online training uses Adobe flash player.  Whan launching the training it calls to Adobe to verify that your flash player version.

Here is the two paths that it can call:

So how do still block access for updates and allow access to the crossdomain.xml

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Re: Allowing Access to an XML file in a Block Rule

Not that I've tested it but something like:

url matches*/crossdomain.xml should work. You could put other things on there to ensure mimetype though IMO that would be overkill.


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Re: Allowing Access to an XML file in a Block Rule

Tried that and did not work.

My block rule is under Category Content Filer.

Rule Name: Blocked Adobe Sites

Authentication.UserGroup does not contain "Domain Admins" AND URL.Host matches in list "Blocked Adobe Sites".

Action is Block.

Is there a different way to write the Blocked Adobe Sites that blocks Domaiun Users but allows Domain Admins?  And allow access to the crossdomain.xml?

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