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Allow specific path in Twitter


I have proxy McAfee Webgateway, version ,build 21212

I want to block twitter, however, allow

Tried url.path

tried SmatMatch


No success

Please, need hints

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Re: Allow specific path in Twitter

Moved from Community Support to Business --> Email and Web Security --> Web Gateway for attention.

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McAfee Employee

Re: Allow specific path in Twitter


1. You need to enable SSL Scanning if you have not done this. Because without SSL Scanner the Web Gateway will never see the complete path.

2. Even with SSL Scanner the Web Gateway can not see the full Path. First the Web Gateway needs to see the commands CONNECT and CERTVERIFY. After these to commands the Web Gateway starts seeing the complete path. So you need to skip all blocking for twitter till the Web Gateway can see the complete path.

So what you can do is that you skip your Blocking Rule if the command is CONNECT or CERTVERIFY and then you can start blocking or allowing



Level 14

Re: Allow specific path in Twitter


yes, ​ is right. First of all you need SSL scanning enabled. You may take a look at the Twitter API: The Search API | Twitter Developers

Because, in the online ruleset library you can see how MWG fetches the uploader name und video category from youtube. Perhaps such an query is also possible for Twitter. If yes, you can manage twitter in detail.


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