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Allow specific Facebook group

I thought it would be a simple task because I've done numerous times but not being easy.

URL that I am trying to allow is:

I have SSL scanner enabled.  I made a simple rule like below and it should work as before.

When I try to access, I got access denied and in the trace I saw this below:

Tail result in console.

As you can see, URL is not displaying the full path. Web Gateway is recognizing only and not the full path.

Can you guys help me to accomplish this task?

Thank you all.

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McAfee Employee

Re: Allow specific Facebook group

Hi Andre,

The reason you dont see the full URL is because that is the SSL Tunnel transaction. In order to see the full URL we must inspect the full URL.

MWG sees an SSL connection as 2 or more parts. 1st is the tunnel, 2nd is the traffic inside the tunnel.

See this guide for allowing the tunnel, which will help you accomplish your goal in allowing that specific URL:

Best Regards,


Level 7

Re: Allow specific Facebook group

Thank you very much.

Worked like a charm.



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