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Allow some categories of youtube while streaming media is blocked

Dear Experts,

I need assistance setting this up on our gateway,  I have URL Filtering 'default blocked categories' and streaming media is not allowed to any one. Due to some requirements of study material now widely available on youtube, I need to allow access to youtube some categories videos like of HP, Cisco, Vmware, Microsoft, Oracle etc.

I need to know how to accomplish this when streaming media is blocked, is this possible ?

please share and if more details required please let me know.

kind regards,

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Re: Allow some categories of youtube while streaming media is blocked

Hi there, I realize this years after the question but I think I've found a way to assist. I'm currently using MWG what I've done to implement what you're asking is to:

1. Have the Stream Detector running and finding streams and if it does then I create an event in that rule that sets a User-Defined property which tells whether or not a stream has been found.

2. That property is then used in a following rule as a criteria, along with URL.Host.BelongsToDomains(Youtube URLs), to find all streams that are NOT from YouTube

3. I'll then have the above rule block all those that aren't from YT and let the YT streams through.

It seems to work well so far but I am a novice at this stuff. I hope this helps anyone looking in the future.

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