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Allow .exe downloads for a subset of users

Hi all,

I was hoping someone could help me.

I'd like to allow a subset of users (who are already within a group on the appliance) the ability to download .exes from a couple of sites. Could someone help me in crafting that rule, whether it be a rule in the Media Download rule or otherwise?

I was assuming i would create it under Media Downloads, then an allow rule before the Blocks and state their user group and the urls but I'm unsure of the correct variables etc, but happy to be told otherwise Smiley Happy.


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McAfee Employee

Re: Allow .exe downloads for a subset of users


You can create a rule with the criteria of:

Authentication.UserGroups contains [List of Allowed Groups for EXEs]

AND URL.Host matches in list [List of Allowed Sites for EXE downloads]

AND MediaType.EnsuredTypes contains [List of Allowed MediaTypes]



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Re: Allow .exe downloads for a subset of users

Thank you for that suggestion, Jon.

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