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Adobe CC install fails.

Does anyone have MWG allowing Adobe CC to install without issues. There are several documents around the internet that provide similar lists of domains to bypass, but none have been successful for me.

I've been working with the info in this document from Adobe without success.

Thanks in advance for any solutions


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Re: Adobe CC install fails.

Are you using Gateway Anti-malware rules?  We had to disable malware scanning when performing the install because the installer doesn't know how to retrieve the file from the progress page and in some cases it times out waiting for the scan to complete.  Hope that helps!

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Re: Adobe CC install fails.

Today (January 2018) I got the following message from McAfee: CoreSyncCustomHook.exe infected by Artemis!A104317B615B (Trojan Horse). I could not install the update for Adobe Creative Cloud. Adobe-Errorcode 183

McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.8 Patch 10 V 5900.7806 DAT-version 8771.0000 11.01.2018

I do not know if the file has a virus, or the virus scanner reports false alarm.

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