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Adding hostname in the rotated access log


Is there a way to automatically add hostname of webgateway in a cluster environment during the rotation and push of a log to an FTP location?



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Re: Adding hostname in the rotated access log

When you configure the push destination the "destination" field accepts the following variables:

When the log files are pushed, the variable is replaced with the appropriate value, which is a host name in this example.

The variables you can use here include:

%h — Host name of an appliance
%y — Current year (four digits)
%m — Current month (one or two digits)
%% — Used for specifying the % character (if it is to occur in a host name)
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Re: Adding hostname in the rotated access log

Hi Andre and thanks,

but I'm taling specifically for the file name, not the destination folder variable...

Better, when a log file is pushed in a cluster environment it adds automatically the IP address of the machine where it is sent from...

Is it possible to modify that value and show the HOST name?

I don't want to use anymore different log handler, because we are having an issue with version documented in a case that we opened and for which a BZ has been created (SR: 4-5610434934)



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