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Adding Multiple Comments to Multiple URLs within One Rule


We are using the McAfee Web Gateway v7.0 for intranet proxying. The current version is (9451).

We have a list of rules whereby we are checking for given IP ranges accessing given URLs. Fairly simple stuff. We often have to add to the URLs that are permitted in each rule, and this can sometimes be with hundreds of URLs at a time. Once again, fairly simple. We have a list of the new URLs in a regular expression format in something like excel or even notepad, and we can easily paste them into the corresponding URL list on the Web Gateway in bulk by clicking on 'Add Multiple'. The is where the problem stems from .....

If I wanted a comment for each URL, which I do, I would need to click on each individual URL and enter a separate Comment in the 'Comment for the Current Entry' box, where all I really want is the one 'same' comment against each URL. Short of doing this manually and keep clicking on every single URL, is there a way of doing this in bulk? I really do hope there is otherwise myself or someone else is going to get a whole load of admin work moving forward which we really don't need!

Many Thanks for any help received and expect a wealth more questions coming soon!



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