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Acceso solo para un Sitio en McAfee Gateway

Como permito en McAfee Gateway que solo un sitio pueda tener acceso por 1 hora y restringir todos los demas?

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Re: Acceso solo para un Sitio en McAfee Gateway

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Re: Acceso solo para un Sitio en McAfee Gateway


According to my translator the question should be:

"How do I allow McAfee Gateway to allow only one site to have access for 1 hour and restrict all others?"

(Please excuse and correct me if I am wrong)

In case my translation is correct, you can use the top level rule set "Time Quota" which you can import from library (you will find this rule set under "Coaching/Quota").

There you have 3 opportunities to use this (with URL, IP and Authenticated User configuration).

Under "Time Quota With Authenticated User Configuration" you need to add the users and to adjust the rule set itself (with URL/category bypassing etc.) and some more settings like the time quota per day/week/month and session time.


Quota per day is the time you have in total for one day

Session time is the time before reloading of the site causes the quota block page to appear (there you find remaining quota times and the button “Yes, I want to continue the session!”)

Here is a screenshot I took after some sessions:


Please notice, that after a user has accepted the quota warning (click on the button "Yes, I want to continue the session!"), the configured session time will be deducted from his quota (it doesn't matter if the user is surfing the whole time or leaves the site).

If you do not configure URL or category bypasses all other sites will be affected by the session time/quota block page as well.

I recommend to test with only one client IP or in a testing environment. Otherwise, users may complain about restrictions.

I hope this is the information you were looking for.

If you have further questions please let us know.



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Re: Acceso solo para un Sitio en McAfee Gateway

Excelente, también me sirve esta información y tu traductor lo hizo bien.


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