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AV Engine - Potentially Unwanted Program question

Is it possible to turn of the detection of McAfeeGW: Potentially Unwanted Program . The following link:

will be detected by the AV Engine as "McAfeeGW: Potentially Unwanted Program".

I disabled the detection for potentially unwanted programs in our setting for McAfee Gateway Anti-Malware, but we are still not able to download the file (same detection).

I also disabled all Potentially Unwanted: Behaviors. Still the same.

We use

Is this a bug, or do you have another solution. Other than writing a dedicated rule for such detection.


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Re: AV Engine - Potentially Unwanted Program question

Hello Frank,

I've tested this with MWG but I'm not able to get the AV engine to block this file. The file is not detected as Potentially Unwanted Program, no matter which settings I use. I'm testing with the engine and DAT versions from today.

There is a slider in the AV settings with the text "Treat as request send by a PUP if probability is at least" above it. There you can specify the probability where the engine decides if the request was send by a PUP. This is not by accident set to 0%? In this case it would treat all requests as PUP requests.



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