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AD migration affects Web Gateway?

Hello folks,

One of my customers has an Active Directory domain and runs Web Gateway integrated with it, using NTLM authentication, for group policy mapping. Now, he is going to update his domain controllers, from 2003 servers to 2008 servers. It will be an "in loco" migration, meaning that the machine and domain names will be maintained.

Is there anything he has to do to keep the Web Gateway integration, or in this case the migration procedure doesn´t affect the NTLM authentication?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: AD migration affects Web Gateway?

Hi Juliano,

unfortunately I do not have experiences with the Upgrade. From a MWG perspective I would expect the migration be work without any issues. However I cannot promise. It sounds like there are multiple domain controllers available. If there is any chance I would recommend to take a test MWG installation, have it talk to one of the DCs scheduled for being upgraded and perform the upgrade. Afterwards see if MWG continues to work.

This would ensure a smooth upgrade. Maybe anyone else has more experience with this.



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