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Message 1 of 2 strange behaviour


Does anybody noticed a peculiar behaviour in the latest Web Gateway main version?

After an usual limited run in our test plant, we upgraded all of our twenty MWG-5500 nodes last friday. Everything seems to work accordingly but the very availability of the service.

We didn't receive complaints yet, but if we look at the performance diagrams we can see that the service is suddenly dropping connections for tens of minutes, without any evident cause or trace in any log. The drop occurs independent of the actual load.

As you can see from the following diagrams, instead of having a nice and continuous curve (for instance like this one called Richieste),all-day.png

We are suddenly facing deep discontinuities on our graphs:


We immediately thought of network issues, and we are still investigating few aspects (L3 and L2 network, AD domain for authentication, MWG logs, firewall and IPS logs), but currently nothing particular emerges.

Consider that in our architecture the twenty nodes are divided in two distinct farms, each hosted on a different datacentre, and that this behaviour starte with the upgrade.

Is anybody experiencing something similar, of dealing with issues? Do you know if it is possible to downgrade MWG versions?

Thank you for you suggestions.


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McAfee Employee jscholte
McAfee Employee
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Re: strange behaviour


Without any context of what these graphs represent, I wouldnt be able to say. Are these SNMP polling numbers of a certain OID? If so, what OID does this represent?

Were you able to open a case and submit a feedback (don't submit one here)?

Best Regards,


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