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7.1.6 vs - your thoughts for a production deployment?


I'm curious how many folks are running 7.1.6 in production and seeking some reassurance of its stability.   Thus far we're on as I'm completing an integration, but the bandwidth and streaming detection features of 7.1.6 would be nice to call on as needed.  We're migrating away from Bluecoat which (for all its warts), handled bandwidth throttling very nicely (which was good, because the lousy boxes Bluecoat sold us were anemic enough to allow a single user bring em to their knees in the absence of bandwidth throttling).

The deployment I'm doing has enough bleeding edge on it with MEG7 being a mystery to most of McAfee, and NDLP 9.2's new integration with HDLP policy is also a chasm of bleeding edge mindshare internally.  Much as we'd like the features, I'd definitely postpone it if 7.1.6 adds any stability vagaries.   Any experience on this front would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: 7.1.6 vs - your thoughts for a production deployment?


while I assume you look for feedback from others customers (instead of a McAfee staff feedback) I just wanted to comment that currently we have around 50% of the MWG 7.x installation base is currently running the "controlled" release branch, which means 7.1.5.x and 7.1.6.x. From my personal experience the controlled release is the preferred release to go with. It has a lot of nice features and is running stable.

Certainly I cannot guarantee a smooth migration and or the absence of any issues, but from what I heard the build is accepted in production very well.

Let me know if there are any questions.



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Re: 7.1.6 vs - your thoughts for a production deployment?

That's actually pretty easy to answer.

There is a very good adoption rate for the newer 7.1.[5|6] versions.


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Re: 7.1.6 vs - your thoughts for a production deployment?


Does anybody know, which´s differences between release 7.1.x and 7.1.0.x. There are two different lines of development of the MWG?

I know there are currently 2 versions, the Main release and Controlled. But what risk exists in the Controlled release. Is it better upgrade to 7.1.6 or, why??


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Re: 7.1.6 vs - your thoughts for a production deployment?

One of the ideas behind the controlled releases is the fact that many customers have a strict change control.

Between 7.0.x, 7.1.0.x, 7.1.5.x and 7.1.6.x there are not only bug fixes but new features added. while you may be able to apply bug fixes during a change freeze you most likely will not be able to move to a new version just for its new features. That is part of the idea why there are multiple branches.

When you hit the appliance upgrade button in the GUI it will only take you to the latest version of that particular branch you are on. However, when for example 7.2.x will be released and if that becomes a main release right away then all other versions would upgrade to that one when hitting the appliance upgrade button.

So outside of a change control restriction I would base whether or not going to a controlled release on what it has to offer. If you are interested in the new features and/or feel that the bug fixes included may help you then you should go with it. On the other hand I prefer going with 'never though a running system' if there are no pressing issues to make a change.

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Re: 7.1.6 vs - your thoughts for a production deployment?

7.1.6 addresses many bugs in 7.1.0 version. We have upgraded our test deploymnets. So far things are good. I read the release notes and it seems to be worth upgrading to 7.1.6. Also it addresses lots of false positives reported by Antimalware in previous versions. We are planning to deploy in Production.

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