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5 minute load average

Hello All -

I have recently upgraded our web gateway software from 7.2.x to and until now I have never received this warning and since the upgrade I am seeing it randomly.  The upgrade to 7.3 was done last Friday morning (in time for the Canada vs. U.S. hockey game) and I did see it happen a couple of times during the game which I would expect as our internet line was maxed out.  I didn't think too much about it but this morning I came in and looked at log and I see that this morning at 4:39am the warning popped up again (3.27/3.00) 2 times in 91 seconds.

I looked at the graphs and there is no spikes and nothing that I can see.  Looking at the system utilization graph it shows that CPU was only 1% used.

I had been running 7.2 for over a year with no issues and no warnings such as this.

Any thoughts or insight would be appreciated.

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