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5 Minute load average exceeds selected limit

Please see picture below. 

I have never seen so much yellow.  This seems to be getting progressively worse.  It used to happen every so often, now every day more than once a day as you can see.

Nothing has changed on our end. 

9-22-2011 10-37-29 AM.png

Any suggestions?

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Re: 5 Minute load average exceeds selected limit

Hi Jon,

in my opinion the threshold when the incident is thrown is too low. The threshold is "3", which is something you easily hit in case some "expensive" tasks are done. Usually this should nothing you should concern about, the logged values of "3.5" and "6" are not too bad actually. Load becomes an issue when it is permanently on a high level, or ramping up without reducing again.

I have done some performance tests in the past where we tried to test something, and my test MWG was running with a load of 50-60, which is something that is really much too high, but did not lead to any outages.

So what I want to say: Basically, if you do not receive complaints about performance, I am pretty sure there is no need to concern.


The right question is, why do we see the warnings now, and have not seen them eversince? I am not exactly sure but I think the monitoring for the load has been introduced with one of the last maintenance builds. Can you assume from the Dashboard when the incidents startet to occur? Are you able to check if MWG has been upgraded around that data?

Maybe there are just some more expensive tasks being performed now, maybe different files are transferred or something slightly changed. It is generally interesting that you suddenly started to see these incidents, however in my opinion they will not have a negative impact. Maybe we can get some ideas why the load increased.



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Level 12

Re: 5 Minute load average exceeds selected limit

Thanks for your reply.  I understand what you are saying.

When I look at my dashboards I can see high CPU usage at the times of these warnings.  This could be Antimalware scanning downloads, could be other things I suppose as well. 

If 3.0 is too low, then why is it set like that?  I did not set it.

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