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(16000) ICAP client filter error: no ICAP server available.


I installed Mcafee Web Gateway on dedicated ICAP server, enabled the ICAP option and added "ICAP Client" in rules.

I configured my BIG-IP as needed, but when I try and upload eicar file i get the following message on tcpdump:


<table class="infoTable">


    <td class="infoData">

      <b>URL: </b><script type="text/javascript">break_line("");</script><br />

        <script type="text/javascript">

          writeToDocument("<b>URL Categories: </b>" + "" );

        </script><br />

      <b>Current Rule ID: </b>277<br />

      <b>Current Rule Name: </b>Call ReqMod Server<br />

      <b>Error Message: </b>(16000) ICAP client filter error: no ICAP server available.<br />





Anyone knows how can I fix it? I'm attaching pictures of my configuration.

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McAfee Employee jscholte
McAfee Employee
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Re: (16000) ICAP client filter error: no ICAP server available.

Hi Saart,

When MWG is the ICAP server, you dont need the ICAP Client rules. You only need to enable the listener (1344).

Disable the ICAP Client rules and you should be working.

Best Regards,


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