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WGCS web activity logs to on-prem CSR/ePO

I hope this is a quick question yes/no... I would like to know if there is a way to have my WGCS pull/push it's logs to my on Prem CSR v2.4.0

so if I am not clear I would like to be able to pull/push the logs from my cloud service so then my on prem ePO can parse the logs for queries and reports?

I dont think is possible but would be a nice to have...

been dealing with migrating/upgrading everything web gateway as no one here knows anything about it and the new guy gets to figure it all out.

any info would be great...


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McAfee Employee jebeling
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Re: WGCS web activity logs to on-prem CSR/ePO

Yes you can pull logs from WGCS into on-prem CSR/ePO. Information in product guide and likely on expert center within community.


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