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YADBMQ (yet another Database Migration Question) :)

I am looking at doing a database migration from cust (me) supplied hardware with the Faultline db installed to a spiffy new turbo MVM (complete with chrome exhaust pipe and flames painted on the side).

After trolling through various DB questions and KBs and the like, it appears as if the best way to approach this task would be to back up the existing Faultline DB, and then restore from backup on the new device.

Once that is in place, head over to the FCM, and point all the appropriate stuff over to the new DB.

then VOILA - everything is working splendidly and unicorns are magically frolicking in the lollipop forests under the rainbow.

Am I missing any hideously important steps that would turn my lollipop forest into a wasteland of devastation?

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Re: YADBMQ (yet another Database Migration Question) :)

Hi Roy,

Sorry for the long delay in my reply - who posts that type of question during the holidays anyway?  ;-)

Your assumptions are correct, and your frolic in the lollypop forest should not deviate at all.

Of course, if you end up in devastation wasteland, I expect to see a Service Request!!

have fun!


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