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What would you do?

I just started with a new company and they have an FS1000 Applicance that is now under my responsibilities. I believe it to be old and running Windows 2003 and has Foundscan version 6 on it. I'm fairly new to Foundstone and my knowledge is limited to Superscan used about 8 years ago.

It looks to have been actively scanning and collecting. Policy and process aside, what would you do in my situation? Just upgrade it, replace it, or something else?


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Re: What would you do?

Hi Mello,

From a *support* perspective, version 6.0 isn't supported any longer and regarding the appliance I suggest you refer to the following EOL site:

The older FS1000's are suitable for being simple scan engines in current version 7.0x, but for any hardcore scanning/DB/workhorse type stuff, you should plan to upgrade.

I hope that helps!