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Vulnerability Manager 6.8.1 Positive scan results

Not Vulnerable by IP and Indetermine Vulnerabilities by IP.  Can someone please explain these new types of scan options or Vulnerability Assessment options.  Thanks

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Re: Vulnerability Manager 6.8.1 Positive scan results

Hi Tom,

Are you referring to the "Scan Vulnerability Saving Option " in the Scan / Settings / Optimize section?  If that option is enabled in the scan configuration you will see the following *Additional* reports within the Vulnerability Assessment report Section:

Not Vulnerable By IP

Indeterminate Vulnerabilities By IP

Not Vulnerable By IP means just that.  It will list all the checks that returned "Not Vulnerable" and sort it by IP address.

Indeterminate Vulnerabilities By IP same as above, but with Indeterminate results.  Indeterminate is used when a host is inaccessible, or the script doesn't apply.  This could be caused by network issues (not connected at the time of the scan) or improper credentials.

Please note that enabling this feature will consume large amounts of Disk Space, as well as SQL Resources.  You should only run it against a single host at a time, and only when necessary.

I hope that helps!

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