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Urgent help needed on Error Code 3001

Hello All,

My Windows Domain credentials are not working for various large scans.

On one of the scan, out of 100+ Windows servers, the domain credentials are successfully working on 6 odd servers and for all others it's failing.

In the CSV report it says, Error Code 3001 "Logon failed; deselecting credentialed checks for this host."

Good or Bad but it's not locking the domain account as well.

The account I am using is Domain admin account for the scans.

Can someone please help ?

Best Regards,


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Re: Urgent help needed on Error Code 3001

Hi Hirak,

do you have the exact syntax of the error as it's logged in the MVM Daily log?  It might help to turn on verbose WHAM logging:

This is done via a registry tweak on the Scan Engine:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE]\SOFTWARE\Foundstone\Foundscan\Tweaks] (for 32-bit host) or

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE]\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Foundstone\Foundscan\Tweaks]  (for 64-bit host)

** if the key "Tweaks" doesn't exist, create it. **

LogWam DWORD Value 'ff'

Re-run the scan, and send the syntax of the error that is logged.


Re: Urgent help needed on Error Code 3001


In our case we had a corrupt certificate on one of our appliance scan engines.

1. Stop FCAgent

2. Rename CustomTrustedCA.pem to CustomTrustedCA.pem.bak

3. Start FCAgent

4. Optionally Reinstall Customer-Specific Certificate from FCM

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