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Upload FoundStone Certificate in SIEM

Im trying to add our Vulnerability Manager inside of McAfee SIEM. I need to upload a Certificate in order for me to test the connection of our Application IP Address. Does anyone know where i can download (inside of MVM) the certificate?

I was told i could find this Certificate in the FCM but i was unable to find it.

PS - I'm new to MVM

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Re: Upload FoundStone Certificate in SIEM

I've tried this before but was ultimately unable to get it working the way I wanted it. Did you try checking whether your foundstone server has MVM Certificate Manager Lite installed?

The MVM Certificate Manager Light executable is included with the McAfee Vulnerability Manager 7.5.1

patch, or you can download it from the McAfee download site. After applying the patch, you can find the executable in the

C:\Program Files (x86)\Foundstone\FCM folder (if you installed the product using the default location).

1 Download and use the MVM Certificate Manager Light executable on the McAfee Vulnerability Manager FCM Console.

2 Type the IP address or host name of the appliance, then click Resolve. The fully qualified domain name (FQDN) or NetBIOS name should appear in the Common Name field.

3 Click Create Certificate using Common Name, navigate to a folder, then click Save. The SSL certificate is saved as a compressed file with a passphrase (for security).

4 Copy the passphrase and save it for later use.

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