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Transform encountered error: XSL transformation failed msxml6.dll 800C0006


I am trying to get a basic benchmark scan to work in MVM7.5.2 (fresh install on server meeting all requirements), and am currently struggling!  I am targetting an XP Pro SP3 host, which has been left in the default WORKGROUP workgroup.  I have tweaked a few policy settings on the host to allow vulnerability scans to take place as the default install wouldnt allow browsing to c$, IPC$ or remote registry checks, but that is all I have changed - I have not even applied any patches.

Looking at the scan status of my scan (Benchmark = McAfee-CIS-Windows-XP, Profile = WindowsXP-Enterprise-Desktop), it shows as:

- complete
- discovery:
      - 1 of 1 addresses found
      - 5 services found
      - 5 average services per address
      - 1 of 1 discovery batches completed
      - 1 successful login(s)
- assessment:
      - 1 of 1 addresses assessed
      - 0 addresses not assessed
      - 1 of 1 assessment batches completed
- post processing:
- 9 of 9 steps processed (updated job state to "complete")

So everything looks quite healthy there, until I see a red '1 errors' hyperlink at the bottom of the status page.  When clicking it, it advises:
Source: ScanEngineSvc, Message: Transform encountered error: XSL transformation failed msxml6.dll 800C0006

And in the scan report itself, under 'systems we could not report on', I see:
OS: Windows XP (Service Pack 3, [++]), Errors: Script error encountered; processing for this check was stopped

version of msxml6.dll is showing as 6.30.7601.17514 (MSXML 6.0 SP3)

Any initial ideas of how I would go about troubleshooting this?


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