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Tickets for assets that no longer exist/have been deleted

I just got off the phone with technical support, and I am perplexed about an issue with asset and ticket/remediation management.

Some time ago we removed an asset from our network that had a large number of vulnerabilities, and therefore a large number of associated tickets within MVM.  After the asset was removed from the network,  I deleted the asset from the MVM database (Manage -> Assets.)

However, today I note that the tickets for that asset still exist, although I have verified that the asset with that label has been deleted (Manage --> Assets --> Search).

I thought that when I delete an asset, the associated tickets would get deleted too.  However, techinical support tells me that is not the case.  He says the only way to get rid of 'old' tickets like these is to set up the database maintenance under FCM so that ALL tickets are deleted when they reach a certain age, remediated or not, whether their corresponding assets exist or not. 

That's not really how I'd like to use the ticketing interface; some of our tickets may stay open for quite a while, yet I don't want our staff to attempt to work on tickets for assets that no longer exist.

Is there a better way I can handle this issue?

Foundstone 7.0.5

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Re: Tickets for assets that no longer exist/have been deleted

I think I've (maybe) figured out my own issue.

The support person told me that an asset's tickets are NOT deleted when the asset is deleted and hang around as undeletable orphans in the ticket displays until 'you drop it off the back end with a maintenance job'  but it seems that is not the case entirely, at least from a users's point of view.

The 'orphaned' tickets I am seeing so far appear to belong to inactive assets. I hadn't dealt with inactive assets -- we've only had MVM for a while--so all my searches had been for active assets.   When I include 'inactive' in my asset search, I can find the asset that owns the (what I thought were) orphaned tickets.

Deleting the asset makes the tickets 'disappear' -- they no longer show up when one does a ticket search.

The asset and the tickets may be hanging around in the database somewhere as historical data, but from my point of view, they are 'gone' after I delete the asset, which is the behavior I was expecting.


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