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Technical Specifications for 2100 and 3100 appliances


I am not sure if I am being blind but I cannot seem to find any information relating to the technical specifications on the 2100 and 3100 appliances.  I have found the following details on the 3100 from

◦1U rack mount chassis

◦Quad-core Xeon


◦2 x 500 GB RAID 1

◦Redundant power supplies

◦Lights-out management

◦4 GbE scanning ports (VLANs supported)

But nothing similar for the 2100.  The datasheet that is accessible from the website appears to be marketing material, and not actually a data sheet?

Essentially, I need to know the racking requirements of the 2100 (I believe it is 1U, but is it the same form as the 3100?), does it also have redundant power supplies?  What is the power consumption of both appliances?  How many interfaces does the 2100 have and does it only have the scan controller and scanning engine components?  Does it also have Lights-out management?  Also which 'lights-out' management is used?

Any help on any of the above points would be greatly appreciated!



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Re: Technical Specifications for 2100 and 3100 appliances

Hi Darren,

The relevent datasheets are available by opening a Service Request. 

I tried to check about the Rack Requirements, but the datasheet says to refer to the "instructions that are included with the rack mounting kit " which I don't currently have access to.  It does say that it can be installed in a 19 inch rack:.  it looks like it has a non-redundant PS, 2 NICS, it's meant only to be a Scan Engine, and no iLO.

I hope that helps!

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Re: Technical Specifications for 2100 and 3100 appliances

Hi Cathy,

Cheers for the response.  I managed to get hold of the datasheet - but thanks for the information anyways!  Although I may be missing something, I have never understood the reasoning behind the datasheets not being publically available, as with most other vendors (not neccessarily the full internal testing details that are kept confidential, but definitely the details regarding the server build, interfaces, power consumption etc).  Keeps us on our toes anyways :-)

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