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Restrict https access to Enterprise manager


I´d appreciate if someone can guide about how can I restrict the https access to the Enterprise Manager.

We have a MVM3100 scanning 250 IPs and we need to restrict the access from some IP to the enterprise manager.

I believe it can be done through Firewall Wizard but I am not sure about the procedure.


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Re: Restrict https access to Enterprise manager

Hi Puga,

Yes, the Firewall Wizard has the option to restrict access to the Enterprise Manager.   One of the options is:

"Do you want to specify the Client IP address ranges that should be permitted to access the Enterprise Manager"

Please be sure you're running the latest version of the Firewall Wizard (FSH_Firewall_70a.exe) which is available on the McAfee download server with your Grant Number.

I hope that helps!

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