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Removal of Remediation tickets by Status

Hi , can any one tell me how to remove Old tickets from my foundstone .I Know that If I delete the scan ,all the tickets will be deleted but what If I want to delete the tickets without deleting the scan itself .The idea is to keep the Old Report but discard all the Old tickets so that after a new scan ,new tickets will be generated .I have opened a ticket with Mcafee and they gave me a SQL query but that query is not working .I asked for an updated one and it has taken more than 24 hours and no one replied .I am using Foundstone 6.8 with SQL 2005 standard edition .

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Re: Removal of Remediation tickets by Status

Use this SQL query to delete the remediation tickets by Status and particular scans

USE Faultline
DECLARE @ScanConfigID int
SET @ScanConfigID = #
DELETE ticketsChanges
FROM ticketsChanges tc
INNER JOIN tickets t ON tc.TicketID = t.TicketID
WHERE t.Status = 'Assigned' and t.ConfigurationID = @ScanConfigID
WHERE Status = 'Assigned' and ConfigurationID = @ScanConfigID

Replace "#" in line three above (SET @ScanConfigID = #) with the desired Scan Configuration ID, which can be found in the ScanConfigurations table and desired status of the remediation tickets

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Re: Removal of Remediation tickets by Status

Thanks Maharajan,

As a rule, we don't recommend/support customers manipulating the DB in this way.  Whenever possible we recommend using the UI to accomplish what they need.

So, before such a query is ever run against the DB - be sure to back it up.


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Re: Removal of Remediation tickets by Status

Hi ,

Thanks for this .Unfortuanately I saw this a little late so I couldn't use it .However I will make note of it .In my case ,I wanted to remove all the tickets so I used another query to delete all the events prior to a specified date .It worked for me .However I have another situation .Maybe you can help me with that .I have integrate My foundstone with ePO 4 and it imported all the data .Later I remove a lot of scans from foundstone which reduced the data about vulnerabilities detected  but ePO still shows the Old data .how can I configure ePO to purge the Old imported data and import it again to reflect the latest changes .I can run queries on ePO but I dont know on which table .

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