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Questions relating to the initial configuration of ILO / RMM3


I have been looking at the RMM3 user guide (see and trying to figure out how to create the initial user required for ILO.  In section 4.0 (p28) it advises that the RMM3 can be configured via BIOS setup, which is detailed in 4.1 (p29).  The BIOS setup only advises how to set up the IP of the ILO and not the initial user - do you have to follow through the BIOS configuration *then* use either IDA or SYSCFG?  Further to that, do I need an IP on both the Baseboard and RMM3 (If so, what are they respectively used for?).

Question summary:

1) Can an initial RMM3 user be setup only by using BIOS?
2) May be a silly question, but with IDA or SYSCFG, I am assuming that these utilities need to be used from within the server OS?  If not, how are they used?
3) Do I need an IP address for both the baseboard and the RMM3?  The guide advises that *if* we do then they should be on seperate subnets, however I do not fully understand the difference between the two...

I would test this myself and have a play around with but unfortunately do not have access to the appliance at this moment... :-|


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